Study on Load-Velocity Dynamic Property of Piston-Type Hydraulic Cylinder Based on SIMULINK


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According to liquid continuity theory and the dynamic equilibrium conditions, established a piston-type hydraulic cylinder mathematical model. Founded the simulation model in the SIMULINK/ MATLAB environment and solved its unit-step response based on the relation between load and velocity, gave the hydraulic cylinder design parameter and the medium character’s influence to its unit-step response, summarized the intrinsic relations between parameters and the time domain index, provided the theory basis to optimize the hydraulic cylinder dynamic property. The hydraulic cylinder load - speed dynamic performance studies have shown that this method does not require complicated programming, simulation models can be visually established, and can greatly shorten the design cycle, reduce design costs, and improve product performance.



Edited by:

Dunwen Zuo, Hun Guo, Hongli Xu, Chun Su, Chunjie Liu and Weidong Jin






X. S. Jin et al., "Study on Load-Velocity Dynamic Property of Piston-Type Hydraulic Cylinder Based on SIMULINK", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 136, pp. 18-22, 2010

Online since:

October 2010




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