Frontier in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: He Cao, Wei Hua Wu

Abstract: Aiming at the issues of cumbersome modeling process and complicated programs, the hydraulic system simulation software automation studio is...

Authors: Ming Jun Feng, C.T. Sun, Xue Feng Wang, H.J. Sun

Abstract: According to the characteristics and cutting requirements of the compressor impeller, such as low rigidity, easy to produce deformation and...

Authors: Yu Hong Du, Xiu Ming Jiang, Xiu Ren Li

Abstract: To solve the problem of detecting the permeability of the textile machinery, a dedicated test system has been developed based on the...

Authors: Dan Dan Liu, Chun Rui Tang

Abstract: In order to overcome shortcomings of traditional hydraulic control valve, the variable non-linear flow channel method and device is...

Authors: Feng Shou Zhang, T.T. Liu, J.T. Liu, F.K. Cui

Abstract: To those bearings which are used in the field of aerospace, when doing the test of bearing life of the high precision and high reliability,...

Authors: Bo Zhou, Dong Ping Wang, Jian Yang

Abstract: It’s important to extract target points center from image in computer vision quickly and accurately. The center extract with the raw...

Authors: Rui Hong Wang, Chong Wang, Xiao Mei Zhang

Abstract: Shot peening’s surface roughness is an important factor affecting the effect of shot-peening. The paper selects blasting pressure, scanning...

Authors: Wei Gang Du, Hua Yang Zhong, Yan Yan Guo

Abstract: At present, in the overall quality of university education in our country, the mechanical engineering training is an important part. The...

Authors: Rui Feng Yue, Shu Cai Li

Abstract: A series of waterborne polyurethane with PDMS side chain (SiPU) were synthesized using twice-self-emulsifing method. Effects of AEAPS...

Authors: Tung Sheng Yang, Sheng Yi Chang

Abstract: Wire and rod drawing is widely used in metal forming processes to obtain products such as rods and wires. Rods having shaped sections such...


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