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Authors: He Cao, Wei Hua Wu
Abstract: Aiming at the issues of cumbersome modeling process and complicated programs, the hydraulic system simulation software automation studio is introduced, which is based on system schematic diagram. Taking the hydraulic system of deep hole drilling machine for example, by using automation studio, the motor’s input pressure and flow are simulated and studied, and this system is debugged on bosch rexroth experiment table, the parameter test results are basically the same with their simulation results. This simulation method can accurately simulate the system’s working state, simplify the process of modeling and parameter adjustment, and provide a good way for hydraulic system design and dynamic characteristic study.
Authors: Ming Jun Feng, C.T. Sun, Xue Feng Wang, H.J. Sun
Abstract: According to the characteristics and cutting requirements of the compressor impeller, such as low rigidity, easy to produce deformation and vibration in machining process, the high speed machining technology was adopted to reduce time, the virtual manufacturing technology was used to solve processing problems in computer before the trial machining and improved programming speed and other key supporting technologies were adopted. The study shows that this green processing of impeller had high machining efficiency, good surface roughness and product quality, low production cost and light environmental pollution. It accords with modern green machining development trend.
Authors: Yu Hong Du, Xiu Ming Jiang, Xiu Ren Li
Abstract: To solve the problem of detecting the permeability of the textile machinery, a dedicated test system has been developed based on the pressure difference measuring method. The established system has a number of advantages including simple, fast and accurate. The mathematical model of influencing factors for permeability is derived based on fluid theory, and the relationship of these parameters is achieved. Further investigations are directed towards the inherent characteristics of the control system. Based on the established model and measuring features, an information fusion based clustering control system is proposed to implement the measurement. Using this mechanical structure, a PID control system and a cluster control system have been developed. Simulation and experimental tests are carried out to examine the performance of the established system. It is noted that the clustering method has a high dynamic performance and control accuracy. This cluster fusion control method has been successfully utilized in powder metallurgy collar permeability testing.
Authors: Dan Dan Liu, Chun Rui Tang
Abstract: In order to overcome shortcomings of traditional hydraulic control valve, the variable non-linear flow channel method and device is proposed, which can make magneto-rheological fluid channel in the magnetic gap space variable non-linear. In the magnetic gap space setting separated magnetic pressure tablets make magneto-rheological fluid non-line fluid along the separated magnetic pressure tablets, so the magneto-rheological fluid channel length is lengthen and it can increase the utilization of a limited magnetic line. Under the condition of magnetic gap size fixedness, improving pressure difference size of controllable fluid of magnetic fluids can achieve goals of energy conservation and reducing the size of magneto-rheological valves.
Authors: Feng Shou Zhang, T.T. Liu, J.T. Liu, F.K. Cui
Abstract: To those bearings which are used in the field of aerospace, when doing the test of bearing life of the high precision and high reliability, the small sample datas and non-failure phenomenon will occur. To be able to accurately predicting the life and reliability of bearing, the paper analyzes geometry and physics meaning of three parameters of Weibull distribution based on the three parameters Weibull distribution theory. And Builds the Weibull likelihood function. According to Newton iterative method, the left of equations set is expansed to make it transformed into linear equations set. Then iterative calculate the parameters estimate value. So obtain bearing reliability model of three parameters Weibull distribution. Failure statistics shows that the mathematical model of the paper can predict the actual life of bearing.
Authors: Bo Zhou, Dong Ping Wang, Jian Yang
Abstract: It’s important to extract target points center from image in computer vision quickly and accurately. The center extract with the raw gradient information in the neighborhood of the target points boundary to get the parameters of the ellipse, avoids the intermediate stage of precisely extracting individual edge points. Moreover, under the dual space representation, the ellipse parameter can easily be calculated from the dual conic with the qualification of the ellipse, and the ellipse center will be got at the same time. Then, the RANSAC algorithm is used to match the pair of corresponding points between the calibration image and the calibration plate. The experiment and application result shows that the method is efficiently.
Authors: Rui Hong Wang, Chong Wang, Xiao Mei Zhang
Abstract: Shot peening’s surface roughness is an important factor affecting the effect of shot-peening. The paper selects blasting pressure, scanning speed and target distance as affecting factors in the process parameters, the shot penning test which aims at 2A11 aluminum alloy materials through applying the premixed water jet, according to test data, the paper establishes mathematical model of shot peening’s surface roughness applying neural network, and applies this model to predict shot peening’s surface roughness. The results show that the training average error of this model is small, the predicted effect is good, it can meet the requirements of shot peening’s surface roughness prediction accuracy in the industrial production, it has greater practical value.
Authors: Wei Gang Du, Hua Yang Zhong, Yan Yan Guo
Abstract: At present, in the overall quality of university education in our country, the mechanical engineering training is an important part. The actual operation of lathe is a key element in this process, and the first and foremost problem in lathe operating is security. In order to increase the personal safety of students and equipment safety, local technical transformation on CA6140 lathe was carried, including the security guards power chuck, chuck and other anti-collision travel limit. The practical application shows that after transformation, there had none of collision accidents due to unload lathe chuck wrench.
Authors: Rui Feng Yue, Shu Cai Li
Abstract: A series of waterborne polyurethane with PDMS side chain (SiPU) were synthesized using twice-self-emulsifing method. Effects of AEAPS content on properties of SiPU emulsion and films from SiPU emulsion were discussed. The results showed that SiPU emulsion has good stability when AEAPS content in SiPU was less than 10wt%. The PDMS side chains in SiPU were easily enriched to the air-surface of the SiPU films to lower the surface tension and effectively improve the water resistance of the WPU films. When AEAPS content in SiPU reached to 8wt %, SiPU film had good water resistance but the tensile properties were not changed significantly.
Authors: Tung Sheng Yang, Sheng Yi Chang
Abstract: Wire and rod drawing is widely used in metal forming processes to obtain products such as rods and wires. Rods having shaped sections such as square, rectangle and irregular section are necessary to produce connecting pins and components of transformers. Important characteristics of the shaped drawing process are the corner filling and inhomogenious factor of strain that influence the dimensional accuracy and the good quality of the product. In this paper, a three-dimensional rigid-plastic finite element analysis is used to simulate the drawing process of a square rod from a round bar. A finite element method is also used to investigate the corner filling, forming load, stress distribution and inhomogenious factor of effective strain under various process parameter conditions, including the reduction of area, the die semi-angle, and the friction factor

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