Frontier in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H.X. Wang, X. Zhang, W.S. Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the finite element simulation model of the electrode melting drops coating process on the workpiece was established, and the...

Authors: Yong Tian Wang

Abstract: Since the early 1980s, great progress has been made in microbubble column flotation technology. As one of the important mineral processing...

Authors: Wen Tong Tian, Guang An Zhang

Abstract: The effects of isothermal process parameters on the microstructure evolution of semisolid AlSi7Mg alloy produced by electro-pulse...

Authors: Zhu Gao, Xiao Min Ji

Abstract: Based on the common background of product prototype form, Under the support of the shape split library and product design libraries and...

Authors: Guo Xing Tang

Abstract: In this paper, the analytical tools and analytical methods for the shell of air-powered diving pump was selected, the analysis of modal and...

Authors: W.D. Jin, H. Guo

Abstract: Reuse of design knowledge may play an important role during the variant design and improvement of complex mechanical products. In the paper,...

Authors: Jie Chen

Abstract: In this study, a method called “house-building frame modeling” based on the APDL language is introduced firstly, and the finite element...

Authors: Jun Feng Pei, Shu Xia Qi, Wei Ying He

Abstract: The technology of equipment condition monitoring and diagnosis plays an important role in maintenance of equipment running normally. The...

Authors: Fei Hong Yin

Abstract: The table of VM1000 CNC machining center is a box-frame structure with ribbed plate. The three-dimensional model of table based on Pro/E was...

Authors: Zhi Wei Chen, Zhi Feng Chen, Yan Xu

Abstract: Firstly, we discussed the necessary of the integrations on management information in textile industry. We aimed at realizing e-card on...


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