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Authors: H.X. Wang, X. Zhang, W.S. Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, the finite element simulation model of the electrode melting drops coating process on the workpiece was established, and the numerical simulation of the the temperature field and thermal stress field of the single-pulse electric spark discharge strengthening region was carried out. The results indicated that, in the initial moment of spark discharge, the heat-affected region was small, but the temperature gradient and the maximum temperature were very big. With time increased, heat-affected region kept growing, while the temperature gradient and the maximum temperature both kept decreasing. The extrusion stress mainly concentrated in the region of the outer edge of the combination area of the coating point and the workpiece, and the region of the coating point surface. The tensile stress mainly concentrated in the region of the combination area of the coating point and the workpiece. As time increased, both maximum stress and stress gradient kept growing. The results showed that the experimental data by X-ray stress test had good agreement with the simulation results.
Authors: Yong Tian Wang
Abstract: Since the early 1980s, great progress has been made in microbubble column flotation technology. As one of the important mineral processing methods, the application and development of this technology in China are summarized in this paper from four respects. Firstly, a patented cyclone- static microbubble separation method was proposed to overcome the notable problems mentioned in the previous flotation columns. Secondly, microbuble column flotation was introduced to separate the high ash as well hard-to-separate coal slime generated from dense medium processes. The characteristics of the microbubble column, and the flotation process for fine coal and the high ash coal separation was analyzed. Thirdly, the application of microbubble column flotation in China was detailed introduced, especially the characteristics of series microbubble column flotation equipment, and efficient column type coal slime separation crafts were discussed. The application of microbubble column flotation particularly in low ash content coal preparation, and discarded coal slime processing technology were presented. Finally, microbubble column flotation has been extended to non-coal mineral processing, such as magnetite concentrate upgrading (concentration iron and removing silicon), sulfide copper mine separation, white tungsten flotation, etc., the related research was briefly introduced in this paper as well.
Authors: Wen Tong Tian, Guang An Zhang
Abstract: The effects of isothermal process parameters on the microstructure evolution of semisolid AlSi7Mg alloy produced by electro-pulse modification(EPM) and partial remelting process were investigated using an image analysis software based on quantitative metallography. The results showed that long isothermal time could make the semisolid particles more globular, but the size of the particles would grow larger; high semisolid isothermal temperature would reduce the solid volume fraction and accelerate the spherical evolution of the solid particles. It was found that the optimal process parameters should be 590°C and 10-20min of isothermal temperature and time respectively based on the conditions of this paper. The mechanism of the particles’ formation was also discussed during the isothermal treatment.
Authors: Zhu Gao, Xiao Min Ji
Abstract: Based on the common background of product prototype form, Under the support of the shape split library and product design libraries and library, this paper proposes the product customization parameters, and the refinement method of design between designers and clients, builds the shape split libaray based on eigenvalue of Mathematical model of shape prototype, discussed the dynamic fuzzy classification method based on graphic-based design to determine the shape innovative design process. It will give a basis for the development of CAID system combining the parameterization form design with personalization.
Authors: Guo Xing Tang
Abstract: In this paper, the analytical tools and analytical methods for the shell of air-powered diving pump was selected, the analysis of modal and impact resistance was done, the quantitative parameters of natural frequency and the impact resistance capability was gained. The result of the modal analysis indicated that the shell could not happen the resonance, the result of impact resistance analysis indicated that the shell could resist the impact when the impeller dilapidate. The results of analysis have the guide for design; it can be applied in practice.
Authors: W.D. Jin, H. Guo
Abstract: Reuse of design knowledge may play an important role during the variant design and improvement of complex mechanical products. In the paper, a design knowledge reuse model and a knowledge-reuse-based process model with helical evolution were proposed. Effective management and timely updating technology of design knowledge was also analyzed and explored, and a knowledge-reuse-based computer design system was developed. Moreover, taking a slipform paver as an example, variant design and improving steps of complex mechanical products was intrduced.
Authors: Jie Chen
Abstract: In this study, a method called “house-building frame modeling” based on the APDL language is introduced firstly, and the finite element model of the milling distortion analysis is established for a platform structure with 192 frames by the method, and the prediction analysis of the milling distortion under different milling conditions is carried out, by means of 3-D finite element simulation technology. Comparing the simulation results and the measurement ones of the milling distortion, the proposed model is modified; the modeling method and prediction method are proved to be effective.
Authors: Jun Feng Pei, Shu Xia Qi, Wei Ying He
Abstract: The technology of equipment condition monitoring and diagnosis plays an important role in maintenance of equipment running normally. The project, using advanced technique , etc, realize functions of on-line monitoring and data analysis for it can not only acquire signals on different measuring positions in equipment continuously, but also look over current trend and make primary fault diagnosis. This paper presents a data acquisition and fault diagnosis system of reciprocating compressor using LabVIEW as the software development platform and shows fault recognition by perception neural network. It is proven by experience that the virtual signal analyzer has achieved relatively satisfactory results.
Authors: Fei Hong Yin
Abstract: The table of VM1000 CNC machining center is a box-frame structure with ribbed plate. The three-dimensional model of table based on Pro/E was built, the modal analysis and related experiments of table was completed by software of ANSYS, The dynamic performance parameter of the table is obtained, and the analysis results indicate that the design of table is available; it can be applied in practice.
Authors: Zhi Wei Chen, Zhi Feng Chen, Yan Xu
Abstract: Firstly, we discussed the necessary of the integrations on management information in textile industry. We aimed at realizing e-card on employee management, e-bill on account, and e-warehouse on material. These are all based on network. The technology framework of the integration, including middleware of different databases and platform of real time data monitor on production is mainly talked in this article. This solution concerned almost everything in the company, such as material production, spinning and weaving, designs on grand, cooperation production, and sales.

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