Frontier in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yi Jin, Ning Lu, Bing Zhang, Jing Ping Yan

Abstract: In this paper, we regard insects wing as a flexible wing and use the flexible wedge-effect to explain the reason for the creation of high...

Authors: Zhi Gang Wang, Huali Gang Wei, Zhen Jia Li, Dong Song Cai

Abstract: According to the serious problem in milling cutting , experiment of cut-in impact disrepair has been done. Based on the method of experiment...

Authors: Hui Wang, He Yang, Xiang Xin Xue

Abstract: Photocatalyst of perovskite type V-doped titanium-bearing blast furnace slag (VTBBFS) were prepared by high temperature solid-state method...

Authors: Duo Sheng Li, Dun Wen Zuo, X.L. Zhou, Xiao Zhen Hua

Abstract: Shell diamond film was prepared by DC plasma CVD, and substrate shape had an important influence on the growth of shell diamond film....

Authors: Zhi Ping Wang

Abstract: The surface of nodular cast iron QT800 was processed with LSP, its micro-structures, residual stress and fatigue test were compared before...

Authors: Z.G. Wang, L. Xu, Huali Gang Wei, L.D. Xu, H.H. Yu

Abstract: Built the thermal deformation model of high-speed and exactitude thermo grip according to the thermal deformation theory .And numerical...

Authors: J.J. Jiang, Yong Quan Zhou, Miao Miao

Abstract: In this paper the proposed methodology of FTA-BN (Fault Tree Analysis - Bayesian Networks) approach to risk assessment is outlined and its...

Authors: Xian Liang Zhou, Duo Sheng Li, Ai Hua Zou, Xiao Zhen Hua, G.Z. Ye, Qing Jun Chen, Jian Yun Zhang, Yong Jin Tang

Abstract: SiCp/Al composite was fabricated by the method of pressureless-infiltration. In atmospheric environment, the atmospheric corrosion behavior...

Authors: Bei Zhang, Hong Jun Xu, Yu Can Fu, Hong Hua Su

Abstract: Conventional grinding of optical glass will normally result in not only much lower material removal rate but also short service life of...

Authors: Tai Yong Wang, Zhi Feng Qiao, Qing Jian Liu, Miao Hu

Abstract: Regarding to the requirement of machine tool state monitoring in the functional diversity of CNC system, the prototype of an open CNC system...


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