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Authors: M. Bobby Kannan, V.S. Raja
Abstract:This paper brings out the developments on heat-treatment and alloying to improve the stress corrosion cracking (SCC) behavior of 7010...
Authors: Konstantin V. Rybalka, Luiza A. Beketaeva, Vyacheslav S. Shaldaev, Nataliya G. Bukhan’ko, Alexey D. Davydov
Abstract:The anodic and cathodic reactions involved in the corrosion process on several nickel-aluminum alloys including two intermetallic compounds...
Authors: B. De Filippo, L. Campanella, A. Brotzu, S. Natali, D. Ferro
Abstract:In the main frame of the research aimed to model the corrosion growth on bronze surface, the objective of the work here reported has been to...
Authors: M. Curioni, G.E. Thompson
Abstract:In this work, the use of a differential aeration technique (split-cell) to assist understanding of contributions to the corrosion of an...
Authors: Georg Bockmair, Katharina Kranzeder
Abstract:The aerospace industry urgently needs environmentally friendly materials and processes for corrosion protection of aluminium alloys in...
Authors: Florian Feil, Wolfram Fürbeth
Abstract:We developed multilayered, purely inorganic coatings for the corrosion protection of AZ magnesium alloys. Polymeric acid-catalyzed sols form...
Authors: H.M. Nykyforchyn, V.I. Pokhmurskii, M.D. Klapkiv, Mykhajlo M. Student, Juliet Ippolito
Abstract:The complex technology of the surface treatment of Al, Mg, Ti alloys for size reconstruction and strengthening is presented herein. This...
Authors: Monica Trueba, Stefano P. Trasatti, Daniel O. Flamini
Abstract:It was previously demonstrated that the use of a pyrrole-based silane (PySi) for surface treatment of Al alloys provides both active and...
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