Business Process Integration of Mold Making Enterprise Based on BPM


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The informationization of mold making enterprises have always been the industrial focus, however, few of information integration solutions can solve the problems efficiently. Promoted by demands of industrial developments and the newest information technology, enterprises integration shifted rapidly from information integration to process integration for the preeminent performance exhibiting in the real production process. The paper conducts many studies on the typical four business processes of mold industry, then proposes the process integration architecture of mold making enterprises based on BPM. Meanwhile, the paper comes up with a modeling method based on BPMN, which can demonstrate the process integration visually and efficiently, the architecture also combines BPEL with JPDL to fulfill the integration operation, BPEL mainly taking charge of automatic integration and JPDL with responsibility for human-involved integration of processes. Furthermore, monitoring solution based on BAM is brought forward, it is able to provide exact real-time monitoring and information feedback of processes with the help of Rules Engine. The architecture can greatly enhance the information sharing and automation of business processes, finally bring more benefits to the mold industry.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 139-141)

Edited by:

Liangchi Zhang, Chunliang Zhang and Tielin Shi






M. Y. Huang et al., "Business Process Integration of Mold Making Enterprise Based on BPM", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 139-141, pp. 1648-1653, 2010

Online since:

October 2010





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