Contact Stress Analysis of NCD Coating on Roll Ball of Ball Bearing


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Chemical vapor deposition nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) film has numerous unsurpassed properties, among them, bulk modulus, hardness; abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity are notable ones like polycrystalline CVD diamond film. The super mechanical properties have made NCD film to be an effective way to improve the resistance performance of the ceramic bearing and extended its life. The contact stress of bearing ball with NCD coating in elastic contact was analyzed. Factors such as substrate material, thickness of NCD coating, load and interlayer material which affect the shear stress distribution of NCD coating on bearing ball were investigated. The results show that substrate with low elastic modulus and heavy load will enlarge the difference of equivalent stress value at NCD/substrate interface. Thick film will make the stress distribution at the interface uniform. Soft interlayer should be inhibited to avoid extra stress in contact status.



Edited by:

Hun Guo, Zuo Dunwen, Tang Guoxing






J. J. Yuan et al., "Contact Stress Analysis of NCD Coating on Roll Ball of Ball Bearing", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 142, pp. 77-81, 2011

Online since:

October 2010




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