Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology I

Volume 142

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shan Ping Liu

Abstract: The method to improve the loading and unloading efficiency of container ships was elaborated in this paper. New structure of bridge support...

Authors: Lan Ying Wu, Yan Lin Wang, Jing Deng

Abstract: The suspensory wire is widely applied in the fields of DVD CD-ROM head and various sensors. In this paper, the suspensory wires are...

Authors: Guo Biao Lin, Zi Dong Wang, Zhong Zheng, Lai Feng Liu

Abstract: The Mg-Zr alloys with the Zr contents of 0.2%, 0.4%, 0.6% and 0.8% were prepared using induction melting, metal mold centrifugal casting...

Authors: Zhi Rong Huang

Abstract: In this paper, objective function for the highest productivity and longer life of the twist drill is built. Though using Materlab software...

Authors: Bai Liu

Abstract: Based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) module of Dynaform software, the paper made numerical simulation of a wheel hub’s stamping process...

Authors: Xing Fang Wang

Abstract: The distributions of residual stresses for zinc-plated film were measured quantitatively by X-ray diffraction (XRD), its interfacial...

Authors: Shou Xin Yu, D.W. Zou, X.L. Zhu, Yu Li Sun, L. Zhou

Abstract: A friction and wear experiment was carried out at different areas of single crystal silicon under same surface roughness. Friction...

Authors: Yuan Wei Liu

Abstract: In order to reduce the weight of airplane and increase its mechanical behaviors, more and larger integrated parts are applied in modern...

Authors: Zhu Gao, Xiao Min Ji

Abstract: Form the prototype for the product information model, based on fuzzy reasoning DS product matrix form of semantic description of the design...

Authors: Lan Ying Wu, Yan Lin Wang, Zi Dong Wang, Ming Wen Chen

Abstract: The liquid-conveying elbow is an very important part in the piping system, in this paper, the internal flow field in the pipeline elbow is...


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