Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology I

Volume 142

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Han Dong Zhou, Zhen Ning Liu, Xiao Bao Lei

Abstract: In order to design an ESP (electrostatic precipitator) used for the domain of wood processing, electrical resistively of Wood dust should...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Bao Zhong Ji, Shu Wen Liu, Zhen Hua Qing

Abstract: Bionic design is a new method in engineering design. The mouthpart of the larva long horned beetle and its tunnel in wood are discussed in...

Authors: Hong Qin Xue, Zhao Qian Jing, Zheng Wang

Abstract: The adsorption technique using fly ash composite material has been applied for the removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous samples. Batch...

Authors: Yin Biao Yan, Xiao Ping Shen, Di Zhang, Ming Wei Li

Abstract: The paper is based on actual production condition, by taking relevant measures; we can effectively control heat treatment deformation, and...

Authors: Yin Biao Yan, Xiao Ping Shen, Ming Wei Li, Di Zhang

Abstract: The paper has studied influence of vacuum heat treatment on Sintered W-Cu Alloy performance with metallography, conductance and...

Authors: W. Wang

Abstract: Based on introducing the overall structure of numerical control system of glass cutting machine, this paper describes the software...

Authors: Y.H. Du, Q.R. Ouyang

Abstract: Frequency hopping has been the most popularly considered approach for alleviating the effects of jamming attacks. In this paper, the...

Authors: C. Chen, M. Wang

Abstract: Some materials are selected for shielding neutron radiation in this paper. The thickness of shielding materials is optimized with Monte...

Authors: Qiang Wang, Sheng Li Song, Wei Zhao

Abstract: A method for rotary speed and torque measuring using JC sensors was introduced in the paper. The approximate sine signals output by JC...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Jing Xin Chang, Xue Zhi Xiang

Abstract: As kind of multiple results in speech recognition system, lattice and confusion network are widely applied in spoken document...


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