Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology I

Volume 142

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Xuan

Abstract: According to the insufficiency of large volume, high cost and poor dynamic response in the traditional mine-used battery locomotive...

Authors: Li Ping Xuan

Abstract: According to the characteristic of the steel wire rope section damage, eliminate the steel wire rope damage signal noise by using Wavelet...

Authors: Guo Xiang Chang, Wen Li, Xiu Ling Liu

Abstract: Compared with traditional two-level inverter, the multilevel inverter has many advantages such as large output power and small output...

Authors: Wan Tao He, Xiang Lin Meng, Can Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, a 3D shape measurement system based on a digital fringe projection and phase-shifting technique was described. The fringe...

Authors: Xiang Lin Meng, Wan Tao He, Can Zhao

Abstract: This paper presents a stable least squares ellipses fitting algorithm based on Zernike orthogonal moments. The algorithm uses Zernike...

Authors: Wei Ling Zhao, Can Zhao, Jun Ting Cheng, Hai Yan Yue

Abstract: Three-dimensional measuring instrument has high precision, high efficiency, convenience, and the stability characteristics, and is widely...

Authors: Tong Wu, Can Zhao, Guang Bin Bu, Dun Wen Zuo

Abstract: In this paper, test method was used to study the distribution of cutting force while blade machined with 4-axis and 5-axis NC program. The...

Authors: Xiang Qian Che, Jun Ting Cheng, Sheng Bing Xiao, Jia Jun Ma

Abstract: In reverse engineering, in order to get the entire point data of the object surface, which must be merged from point data cloud obtained...

Authors: Shao Sheng Wang, Wan Tao He, Rong Bin Liu, Jun Ting Cheng

Abstract: The material recognition and size measuring cell is very important for the development and practicability of flexible manufacturing system...

Authors: Wei Hua Wu, Can Zhao, Guang Bin Bu

Abstract: In order to articulate the modal change in the whole processing blades, take the finite element method to establish the simulation model of...


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