Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology I

Volume 142

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Yan Chi, He Cao

Abstract: In this paper TRIZ(Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) conflict and its resolving theories are introduced. Then the technology conflict of...

Authors: Hai Peng Lin, Yi Min Xu

Abstract: In this paper, a PUU parallel machine tool with three translational degrees of freedom (DOF) is designed which is usually used in the...

Authors: Ming Hui Liu, Xiu Lian Liu

Abstract: While cutting big modulus hard gear with gear hobbing machine YB3180H, the vibration is big and the efficiency is low. To improve this...

Authors: Cong Ling Zhu, Wei Zhu Jin, Wen Seng Gui

Abstract: Development of special rubber shock absorber test equipment for vehicle will become very important, this equipment can test and analysis of...

Authors: Er Liang Liu, Yu Fu Li, X.Z. Wang, Fei Xiao, Xian Li Liu

Abstract: In the process of turning high-temperature and high-strength steel, it is an effective method for chip breaking with complicated groove...

Authors: Hui Ping Zhang, Fu Gang Yan, Yan Xin Wang, Yuan Sheng Zhai, Xian Li Liu

Abstract: Firstly, with studying three typical aspects as cutting force, cutting temperature and chip breaking behavior, contrast experiments of...

Authors: Lan Yu Yang

Abstract: Application prospect of the superfine cellulosine with sub-nanometer was analyzed; technology of the electric spindle was applied into the...

Authors: Xue Feng Wang, Chuan Tong Sun, Hong Jiang Sun

Abstract: In this paper, the machining process of integrated impeller is customized basing on the geometry feature, function characteristics and the...

Authors: Yan Zhang, Qian Gui Huang

Abstract: Aiming at the shortage of tradition design method of cold extrusion stress, and according to the basic equation of elasticity mechanics,...

Authors: Ke Jie Luo, Guang Meng Ren

Abstract: For solving the question about PFASS production using gangue, the best conditions for withdrawing the alkali and the silicon from the...


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