Study on High-Rise Building Transfer Floor


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The beam shape of concrete transfer floor is completely studied. Firstly, for the system of moulding board and support frame in construction the side pressure and screws are analyzed. The material and structure form of support frame are discussed. The design of support frame uses the method of limited state, and also it analyses the integer stability, part stability, and single stability, and then proposes the load analysis of multi level support frame. To the high-rise building's support frame, the dissertation proposes the approximate calculation based on half-rigidity steel frame. Finally, the dissertation takes ** square for example with the analysis of the support frame of transfer floor and temperature cracks' control. Especially the use of calculation software gets a good effect for the research on the support system of transfer floor. High-rise building transfer floor is the important part of building construction, also is the most difficult part in building construction. The construction technique references intersection application of dynamics, materials, construction design & management etc. subject, it is a complex system project [1]. The key factor is lied support system of transfer floor construction, pouring plan of concrete, maintain concrete at later stage, temperature control technique of concrete [2,3] in high-rise building transfer layers construction. However each area is the new project which transfer floor construction face, in order to keep successful & efficiency to complete the high-rise building transfer layer construction, this requests construction should according to the reality situations, can convenient apply some directly theory system to use, & combine with similar projection experiences, then solve the above problems in quick, efficiency. Under the development trend of high-rise building becoming more and more, how to satisfy the needs of engineering construction, conclude a suite easy, accurate and efficiency technique theory system of high-rise building transfer layer construction, it becomes the reality project in construction technique which need to be solved. From the practice experiences of passed projects, the quality of transfer floor construction references all the project quality directly, and occupies obvious building cost. It is the importance of design consideration plans for whole construction to technique designs carefully, accurate, economy, and the strict control of construction group, and should consider the risk in construction process. So it is necessary to the project study of high-rise building transfer layer construction technique.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 143-144)

Edited by:

H. Wang, B.J. Zhang, X.Z. Liu, D.Z. Luo, S.B. Zhong






B. Wang et al., "Study on High-Rise Building Transfer Floor", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 143-144, pp. 857-862, 2011

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October 2010




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