Scale and Corrosion Inhibition of Synthesized Polymers from Waste Itaconic Acid


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The itaconic acid polymers of low molecular weights were prepared from itaconic acid wastes. The waste solution was distillated under vacuum of 2.00 kPa and temperature of 40-90 °C to reclaim the used solvents. The remains were neutralized by NaOH, initiated by 5 wt. % potassium persulfate under nitrogen protection and polymerized in water for 12 h at temperature of 100-102 °C in consequence to prepare the itaconic acid polymers. The scale inhibition efficiency could reach 99.51% with a polymer amount of 15 mg/L in the water sample with Ca2+ and HCO3- concentrations of 240 mg/L and 732 mg/L. The corrosion inhibition efficiency of polymers could reach 97.89% in the industrial circulating water with Ca2+, alkalinity and total hardness of 480 mg/L, 341 mg/L and 598 mg/L (all calculated in CaCO3 content). The biodegradation rate of polymers could attain 82.11% in the microorganisms environment at 35 days of operation.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 143-144)

Edited by:

H. Wang, B.J. Zhang, X.Z. Liu, D.Z. Luo, S.B. Zhong






J. C. Ding "Scale and Corrosion Inhibition of Synthesized Polymers from Waste Itaconic Acid", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 143-144, pp. 90-94, 2011

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October 2010





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