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Authors: Zhao Wei Meng, Pei Chao Yu
Abstract:Value at Risk ( ) is a method using statistical knowledge to measure financial risks, and its calculating core is to estimate or predicate...
Authors: Feng Tian, Si Rong Pan, En Yan Sun, Chuan Yun Wang, Hua Yan Liu
Abstract:Aiming at the actual requirement of the System of industrial Ethernet Connectivity of wireless sensor networks in underground coal mine, a...
Authors: Jun Chen, Yu Fen Wang, Jian Ping Wang
Abstract:In the article a new concurrency control protocol for real-time database (RTCC) is proposed. The protocol based on the traditional...
Authors: Zhi Gang Ji
Abstract:The system integrated RFID technique, wireless and mobile phone which apply in the intelligent guidance and book management of large scale of...
Authors: Zhi Gang Ji
Abstract:The use of knowledge management tools definitely improves the quality of services offered by the digital libraries. As, these tools are...
Authors: Wei Li, Tie Yan, Ying Jie Liang
Abstract:. The accurate prediction of strata pressure is the base for safely, quality and efficiently drilling, decreasing hole problems and...
Authors: Yi Wang, Wei Lian Qu
Abstract:This paper describes a method for multi-axle moving train loads identification based on simulated annealing genetic algorithm by minimizing...
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