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Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Yi Ming Chen
Abstract:The Fast Muotipole Element Method (FM-BEM) has been applied to large scale engineering problems successfully. The Theorem of the fast...
Authors: Wen Li Yao, Lu Lu Gao
Abstract:The purpose is to study the variational method for impact problem of a non-ideal constraint system. Compared to an ideal constraint system, a...
Authors: Xi Bang Zhang, Qing Dong Zhang, Xiao Feng Zhang
Abstract:The BP network model is established to predict the Zinc Coating Weight for C608/708 hot-dip galvanizing line. The model develops as the...
Authors: Jian Qin, Qing Dong Zhang, Jie Tao Dai
Abstract:The paper deals with numerical considerations of buckling phenomena in steel strip during rolling and leveling of sheet metal. The...
Authors: Min Dong, Guo You Li, Ling Feng Li
Abstract:Aiming at the control of the secondary regulation speed control system, A new-type of fuzzy neural networks is used in the parameters setting...
Authors: Zhi Quan Huang, Qing Xue Huang
Abstract:In this paper the main factors of impacting the quality in cutting the plate between the Shear blade clearance adjustment and control were...
Authors: Ying Fan, Shun Kun Wang, Feng Zhou, Zhi Cheng Tian, Guang Shuai Ding
Abstract:It is difficult to identify distribution types and to estimate parameters of the distribution for small sample censored data when you deal...
Authors: Yu Jin Wang, Ying Fan, Shun Kun Wang
Abstract:An algorithm is presented for maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) of three-parameter Weibull distribution in this paper, which is not only...
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