Advances in Rolling Equipment and Technologies

Volume 145

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Li Sun, Jian Chao Zeng, Jeng Shyang Pan, Yuan Fang Tao

Abstract: Crank block steering mechanism optimization, which is a nonlinear constrained optimization problem, is important for forklift truck to get...

Authors: Yu Fen Yang, Zhen Nan Han, Jin Bao Li

Abstract: The method quantitatively analyzing the correlation of assessment parameters on geometrical features of the surface texture with the...

Authors: Jun Sheng Wang, Xiao Feng Yu, Lei Song, Sheng Li Li

Abstract: In the paper, control principle and working characters of T-WRS&C(Taper Work Roll Shifting and Crossing)cold rolling mill are analyzed. The...

Authors: Lei Song, Jun Sheng Wang, Min Gang Shen, Xu Bo Chen, Sheng Li Li

Abstract: In this article, the factors which have influence on the work roll thermal deformation in cold strip rolling and the heat transferring...

Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Ling Qin Meng, Wen Si Hao, E Zhang

Abstract: Contact problem is one of the most basic problems in the analysis of roller bearings, and the analysis and computation of contact stress and...

Authors: Peng Fei Wang, Dian Hua Zhang, Xu Li, Wen Xue Zhang

Abstract: The work roll bending is one of the most effective flatness actuators in flatness control of cold rolled strips, as a result of its...

Authors: Xu Li, Dian Hua Zhang, Peng Fei Wang, Wen Xue Zhang

Abstract: . For UCM cold rolling mill, the intermediate roll shifting can enhance the ability of mill for better flatness control, but it will...

Authors: Dong Mei Zhu, Guo Yong Liu, Shao Jun Zhang, Qi Shen Zhu

Abstract: Computation model for low alloy wear-resistant steel quenching process is established by finite element method. Four work conditions are...

Authors: Dian Hua Zhang, Peng Fei Wang, Wen Xue Zhang, Xu Li

Abstract: When there appeared catastrophic asymmetrical flatness defects in rolling processes, especially when the incoming strip is with a wedge...

Authors: He Yong Han, Hong Zhang, Jing Wang, Jun Wang, Qing Xue Huang

Abstract: The hydraulic bending roller system, as a kind of most effective shape control process, has already become the key technology that used in...


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