Advances in Rolling Equipment and Technologies

Volume 145

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sen Lin, Yu Rong Nan

Abstract: This paper adopts equal relatively load as objective function, and makes every parameter to meet certain restrictive conditions. SUMT...

Authors: Ze Jun Chen, Guang Jie Huang, Jian Jun Min, Boa Hua Qian

Abstract: This paper describes the development and design of a novel short stress path rolling mill which is used for teaching and research. The...

Authors: Hai Bin Li, Qing Xue Huang, Jian Mei Wang, Qin Ma

Abstract: In this paper, the diffusion quantity of different temperatures and unit time have been investigated basing on experimental results and...

Authors: Mwi Rong Shuai, Qing Xue Huang, Yan Chun Zhu

Abstract: In order to overcome the drawbacks in the process of the titanium alloy, the authors propose to produce this kind of bar by Y-type rolling...

Authors: Jin Hua Ruan, Li Wen Zhang, Chong Xiang Yue, Sen Dong Gu, Wen Bin He, Shao Hui Chen

Abstract: In order to investigate the deformation behavior of a plate during a vertical-horizontal rolling process, a thermo-mechanical coupling...

Authors: Lin Wang, Luo Ying Cheng

Abstract: This paper presents the modelling and simulation of automatic position control (APC) in an 8-high cold rolling mill hydraulic system built...

Authors: Guo Ming Yuan, Jian Wang, Hong Xiao, Ming Lei Li

Abstract: For low prediction precision of online model for vertical rolling force in roughing trains of hot strip mill, the process of hot strip...

Authors: Xiao Chen Wang, Zhi Guo Liang, Quan Yang, Xiao Zhong Du, Hua Qiang Liu, Yun Zhang

Abstract: In cold rolling process, asymmetric shape defects are still a common problem to strip quality. For the mills with inverse symmetry roll...

Authors: Jie Wen, Qing Dong Zhang, Xiao Feng Zhang, Xue Wei Ye

Abstract: According to the characteristic of high-strength strip, the roll profile configuration and change of CVC tandem cold mill are analyzed....

Authors: Jie Tao Dai, Qing Dong Zhang

Abstract: In a 1220mm temper mill, the cross bow was serious, which seriously affected the unit’s output and efficiency. In order to solve this...


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