Advances in Rolling Equipment and Technologies

Volume 145

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Meng Yu, Qing Dong Zhang, Bo Wang, Xiao Feng Zhang, Jian Peng

Abstract: During temper rolling, the reduction is small, the length of contact arc is short, and the elastic deformation of work roll is large. Roll...

Authors: Xiao Feng Zhang, Qing Dong Zhang, Meng Yu, Kang Jian Wang, Pei Jie Huang

Abstract: We describe an integrated tension controller design for a tandem cold rolling mill in steel plants. To achieve stable rolling and ensure...

Authors: Sheng Zhi Li, Wen Hua Meng, Lan Wei Hu, Bo Ding

Abstract: Concerning the 3-roll skew rolling process of round billets, a 3-D thermo-mechanical coupled simulation is performed with the aid of...

Authors: Xing Dong Peng, Sheng Li Li, Na Li, Jie Xu, Lian Xia Chang

Abstract: The use of hot strip steel instead of part of cold strip steel in making automobile inner board has been considered for cost reduction of...

Authors: Li Dong Ma, Cai Liu, Zhi Juan Meng

Abstract: Cold roll forming is a very complicated non-linear process of geometry, materials and contact. Based on the Updated-Lagrangian method, a...

Authors: Mao Sheng Liu, Bin Yu Sun, Fang Ping Zhang, Xiao Wei Song

Abstract: Basic point of manifold research method for rolling theory is discussed. These methods are engineering numeration, the method of slip line...

Authors: Guo Yuan, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: The ultra-fast cooling technical is a newly developed thermal technical in recent years for the hot-rolled steel plate. The key to develop...

Authors: Xiao Zhong Du, Quan Yang, Qing Xue Huang, Xiao Chen Wang

Abstract: The three dimensional deformation of strip during flat rolling is always a key issue, the lateral flow of metal on the strip edge will...

Authors: Jian Mei Wang, Qing Xue Huang, Jian Zhao Sun, Xue Tao

Abstract: The lubricating system is the critical segment to ensure the good operation of bearing subsystem and the whole mill system. To keep pace...

Authors: Zheng Yi Wang, Lian Yun Jiang, Chun Jiang Zhao

Abstract: Owning to the unreasonable structural design of the rolling mill’s pressure screw, there is severe stress concentration on the top and the...


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