Advances in Rolling Equipment and Technologies

Volume 145

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Xue Huang, Jian Mei Wang, Yu Gui Li, Li Feng Ma, Chun Jiang Zhao

Abstract: No 460 oil-film bearing oil as the dedicated lubricant is regarded as the incompressible Newtonian fluid. To comprehensively analyze the...

Authors: Xiao Ming Zhang, Zheng Yi Jiang, Dong Bin Wei, Xiang Hua Liu, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: In twin-roll thin strip casting, the temperature distribution of casting roll affects the roll thermal stress, and influences the thermal...

Authors: Shan Gao, Lan Ting Xia, Zhi Sheng Wu, Hong Zhan Li

Abstract: The effect of Cd on the microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ31 magnesium alloy has been investigated in this paper. The results...

Authors: Xiao Ping Luo, Lan Ting Xia, Ming Gang Zhang

Abstract: Changes in the primary Si phase in Al-Si alloys were analyzed and compared to the Si phase in ZA27 alloys with the same Si/Al ratio. The Si...

Authors: Jian Hua Hu, Yuan Hua Shuang, Xiao Cheng Yang

Abstract: In this paper, a description about improved element free Gerlink method (EFGM) is given. The method adopted penalty method to implement the...

Authors: Yong Ling Fu, Hui Qiang Jing, Kai Zhang, Wei Xing Zhou

Abstract: Load Simulator is a very popular machine as hardware-in-loop simulation equipment in many scientific fields recently. As to mechanical...

Authors: Hao Kang, Yong Hong Wang, Di Wu, Xian Ming Zhao, Yong Ming Wang

Abstract: As to current problem of straightness defects and uneven quenching thickness of rail head, heating device with several induction loops are...

Authors: Chun Ming Zhang, Run Yuan Hao

Abstract: This text is on the basis of the investigation of the 42MN flatting mill’s higher beam, establishing the flatting mill’s higher beam’s...

Authors: Gang Hang, Jin Fu Wu

Abstract: There is so much influence to the fatigue life of the whole structural component from cross-section transition zone radian, and more than...

Authors: Shao Jun Zhang, Dong Mei Zhu, Guo Yong Liu

Abstract: The three dimensional unsteady cooling process of flat steel is simulated by the numerical simulation calculation method of Finite Element...


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