Preparation and Characterization of the Tri-Channel Hollow Fiber Charged Mosaic Membrane


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Charged mosaic membrane (CMM) has high water flux, low salt retention and high organic rejection. The tri-channel hollow fiber charged-mosaic membrane (CMM) was prepared by interfacial polymerization (IP). The tri-channel polysulfone (PSF) hollow fiber ultrafiltration(UF) membrane was used as the support membrane. Polyethylenimine (PEI), 2, 5-diamino-benzenesulfonic acid (DIA) and basic fuchsin (BF) were used as aqueous phase monomer. Trimesoyl chloride (TMC) was used as organic phase monomer. ATR-IR, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and gas sorption analyzer (GSA) were applied in structural analysis of CMM. The uniform design and SPSS were applied in membrane preparation and data analysis.The polymer ATR-IR spectroscopy shows IP occurrence between aqueous phase monomer and organic phase monomer. Polymer contains both sulfonate group and quaternary ammonium group. It show that the membrane has the feature of CMM. Regression equation was gained, and it shows the CMM retention would enhance with the concentration increase of DIA, PEI and SDS and decrease with concentration decrease of FB in experimental range. The composite layer can be observed from membrane SEM after IP. The CMM retention to NaCl, polyethylene glycol(PEG), Xylenol orange and Methyl chloride is12.4%, 90%, 96%,88% and 88.2% respectively.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 150-151)

Edited by:

Jinglong Bu, Zhengyi Jiang and Sihai Jiao




J. M. Deng et al., "Preparation and Characterization of the Tri-Channel Hollow Fiber Charged Mosaic Membrane", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 150-151, pp. 1315-1320, 2011

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October 2010




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