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Authors: Chung Ming Ho, Wei Tsung Tsai
Abstract:The objectives of this paper are to find the compressive strength and ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) of recycled concrete with various...
Authors: Song Jeng Huang, Yo Zhi Dai, Yeau Ren Jeng
Abstract:This paper investigated the volume fraction effect of micro-sized SiC on the tribological behavior of SiCp reinforced AZ91D Mg-based...
Authors: Hong Wei Xie, Jin Xia Wang, Yu Chun Zhai, Cheng De Li, Xiao Yun Hu
Abstract:The low-melting CaCl2-NaCl-Al2O3 materials were used as the electrolyte of the low temperature aluminium electrolysis. The electrical...
Authors: Hong Ming Wang, Yu Tao Zhao, Gui Rong Li, Zhao Zhang
Abstract:. (Al2O3)p/Al composites were in situ synthesized from Al-CeO2 system. The reinforcement phases, morphologies of particles and interfaces...
Authors: Ke Gao Liu, Ai Min Xu, Dong Xiang, Bin Xu
Abstract:Dual-phase lamellar precipitates can be easily occurred in the austenitic steel valve in heat treatment and use. They affect seriously the...
Authors: Ning Liu, Chun Sheng Zhang
Abstract:The evolutional laws of rock under uniaxial stress are studied based on damage mechanics, rock rheology mechanics and chaos theory. Firstly,...
Authors: Qiang Xie, Carlos Dinis Da Gama, Yong Xing Zhang
Abstract:Kaiser effect was noticed while submitting marble samples to Brazilian tests. An automatic data acquisition system was applied by means of...
Authors: Gui Bao Guo, Er Ding Han, Sheng Li An
Abstract:A new method based on a solution graft technique was used to prepare poly (vinylidene fluoride) grafted polystyrene sulfonated acid...
Authors: Yue Liang Chen, Yong Zhang, Yan Li, Tai Feng Zhang
Abstract:The surface morphologies of micro-arc oxidation coatings and chemical oxidation coating formed on AZ91D alloy were observed by scanning...
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