Study on Modeling and Simulating of Spiral Bevel Gears


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Based on the theory of space meshing, the paper deduces the equation of tooth traces on the surface of the pitch cone of Gleason spiral bevel gears. The equation of tooth traces on the surface of the cone with given cone angles would be gained consequently. The 3-D models of a pair of Gleason spiral bevel gears used in the transmission system of a type of vehicle was built by the way of Pro/E parameter design software and spherical involutes function was adopted in this progress. The kinematical flank interference inspection of the gear pair was made and the satisfying gear pair was obtained through the adjustment of tangent modification coefficient. The work in this paper provides conditions for much more FEM analysis of Gleason spiral bevel gears.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 154-155)

Edited by:

Zhengyi Jiang, Xianghua Liu and Jinglong Bu




F. M. Zhang et al., "Study on Modeling and Simulating of Spiral Bevel Gears", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 154-155, pp. 1292-1295, 2011

Online since:

October 2010




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