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Authors: Yun Bin He, Qing Lin Pan, Xiao Yan Liu, Wen Bin Li
Abstract:The hot compression behavior of ZK60 magnesium alloy was investigated at the temperatures from 523 to 673K and strain rates from 0.001 to...
Authors: Jun You Liu, Jie Liu, Xue Yun Gao, Man Li Shi
Abstract:For the better application of the solid carburized processing with simple technology, easy operation, safety and reliability, economic mode,...
Authors: Xiu Juan Yang, Zhi Qian Xu, Xiang Zhen Yan
Abstract:In this paper, a quantitative analysis for the micro geometrical characteristic of rough surface profile is researched with the fractal...
Authors: Peng Tao Liu, Xiu Juan Zhao, Tian Cang Zhang, Hong Liang Hou, Chun Huan Chen, Rui Ming Ren
Abstract:The linear friction welding (LFW) performance of hydrogenated Ti-6Al-4V alloy was investigated. The effects of hydrogen on macro-features and...
Authors: Zhen Zhong Liu, Hui Ping Deng, Zhan Li Chen
Abstract:Iron and manganese oxides/granular activated carbon composite (GACFM) was prepared via a chemical coprecipitation route, followed by a heat...
Authors: Mei Fa Huang, Xiong Cheng, Guang Qian, Jiang Tai Huang, Jing Zhang, Hui Jing
Abstract:With the development of science and technology, the higher and higher surface accuracy of workpiece is required. The characterization of...
Authors: Rong Xin Tian, Zhen Chao Yang, Ding Hua Zhang, Xin Chun Huang, Yong Shou Liang
Abstract:In order to provide theory basis and experimental evidence for optimizing milling parameters, the cutting force prediction models for milling...
Authors: Ke Rong Zhang, Jian Xun Zhang
Abstract:This paper set a numerical calculation model with local mesh refined for laser welding of titanium alloy applying body heat source model...
Authors: Bin Wang, Ming Li Sun, Qiang Wei
Abstract:A pulsed magnetic field (PMF) was introduced into the solidification of pure magnesium and the effect of structure refinement is...
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