Mortars with Partially Oxidized Waste Rubber Crumbs


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Waste rubber crumbs were partially oxidized and used as additives of mortars and have shown promising results in this study. SEM was used to observe the microstructure of the interfacial surfaces between cement hydration products (C-S-H) and rubber crumbs. SEM imagines showed that, in the interfacial zone, mortars with partially oxidized rubber crumbs had more uniform C-S-H distribution than that of mortars with as- received rubber crumbs. The compressive, flexural, and tensile strengths of mortars that included partially oxidized rubber crumbs also increased significantly.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 156-157)

Edited by:

Jingtao Han, Zhengyi Jiang and Sihai Jiao






L. H. Chou "Mortars with Partially Oxidized Waste Rubber Crumbs", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 156-157, pp. 1421-1424, 2011

Online since:

October 2010





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