Research Progress on the Bamboo Timber Preservation


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With the extensive utilization of the bamboo industrialization, especially in developmental fields of bamboo-based panel, bamboo composite board, bamboo decoration, furniture manufacturing, which makes the application of bamboo have a broader prospect. However, the bamboo and its products in process of processing, transport and implementation often appear mildew, decay, moth-eaten, especially the mildew, it not only affects the appearance of bamboo and its products, but also creates damage conditions for other bacteria and insects. Therefore, bamboo timber preservation processing is the essential link for using bamboo industrialization. From the kinds of bamboo mould and its physiological characteristics, anti-mould technology and the types of mould inhibitor, this paper introduces the general situation at home and abroad and the existing problems and development trends of bamboo timber preservation, aiming to have a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of people for the bamboo mould and timber preservation, and to provide references for further study on the comprehensive anti-mould technology and preparation.



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Dehuai Zeng






Y. D. Liu and W. J. Liu, "Research Progress on the Bamboo Timber Preservation", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 159, pp. 216-221, 2011

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December 2010




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