Micro Nano Devices, Structure and Computing Systems

Volume 159

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.159

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Authors: Ping An Wang

Abstract: Frames have become the focus of active research, both in theory and in applications. In the article, the notion of bivariate minimum-energy...

Authors: Hong Lin Guo, Yu Min Yu

Abstract: In this article, the notion of orthogonal nonseparable four-dimensional wavelet packs, which is the generalization of orthogonal univariate...

Authors: Jun Zhai, Li Li Qu, Yan Chen, Jian Feng Li

Abstract: Ontology is adopted as a standard for knowledge representation on the Semantic Web, and Resource Description Framework (RDF) is used to add...

Authors: Xin Sheng Wang, Yong Zhao Zhan, Shu Ming Xiong, Liang Min Wang

Abstract: In view of the problems of limited energy of the nodes and threat to routing security in wireless sensor networks, Energy-efficient Secure...

Authors: Ling Chun Yu, Nai Qin Zhang

Abstract: When magnetic fields with the magnetic induction intensity of 0.4T, 0.8T, 1.2T, 1.6T and 2.0T are used to deal with germinating cabbage...

Authors: Shu Ming Xiong, Xiao Qian Qu, Yong Zhao Zhan, Xin Sheng Wang, Liang Min Wang

Abstract: Due to the node failures incurred by intrusion threat, a wireless sensor networks will initiate topology re-generation, which is based on...

Authors: Zhong Hong Dong

Abstract: To study the dynamic wheel load on the road, a dynamic multi-axle vehicle mode has been developed, which is based on distribute loading...

Authors: Xin Hai Wang

Abstract: The characteristic of not easy to be destroyed makes HF communication be widely used in emergency or special circumstance as earthquake...

Authors: Xin Hai Wang

Abstract: Application Layer Multicast (ALM) is more flexible than that in IP layer and easy to optimize for specific applications, so the research on...


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