Micro Nano Devices, Structure and Computing Systems

Volume 159

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.159

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Authors: Ming Sheng Hu, Guo Ning Lv

Abstract: Based on the analysis of typical binary and dynamic binary search anti-collision algorithm in RFID system, this article proposes a fast and...

Authors: Zhi Juan Jia, Wei Xu Hao, Xiang Yu Zhang

Abstract: Based on the research of the current situation in text categorization, this paper has drawn an inductive conclusion on the key technology of...

Authors: Jun Li Liu, Shu Fen Li, Jun Qin Liu

Abstract: As a sub-system of ATC system, the ATO subsystem is a very important part, which is the technical measure that can raise the train movement...

Authors: Zhan Yuan Bai, Ai Dong Xu

Abstract: Introduces a wireless video sensor, which is based on wireless sensor networks technique. It can be widely used including battlefield...

Authors: Xiao Song Zhang, Gao Feng Zhang, Qing Song Huang, Feng Wei Wei, Yong Liang Zhou

Abstract: ZnS:Mn Quantum dots (QDs) excess of [S2-] were synthesized by the wet chemical precipitation method with an average diameter of 3.9 nm....

Authors: Ting Ji, Qun Xi, Yan Fang Zhang

Abstract: Y3Al5O12:Ce phosphor was prepared by solid-state method, and the XRD pattern is consistent with the standard phase of YAG. Temperature...

Authors: Yu Hua Yi, Zhen Tong

Abstract: Castable polyurethane elastomer based on polytetramethylene glycol (PTMEG) and 2,4-toluene diisocyanate (TDI) was prepared with low free TDI...

Authors: Xiao Yong Wang, Geng Shen Zhu, Yu Qiu Wan, Xiao Dong Zhu, Xu Bo Miao

Abstract: Significant number of accidental water pollution incidents occurred during the past decades in China, often having transboundary impacts,...

Authors: Xiang Hu Liu

Abstract: Fitting of forecast function is very difficult and important in non-linear regression forecast problems. The accuracy is directly affected...

Authors: Xiao Lun Liu, Wei Sun, Song Ding, Wen Cheng Wang, Jia Jun Liu

Abstract: In order to reduce chain drive noise, by changing chain roller structure to mitigate meshing impact and achieve the purposes of noise...


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