Micro Nano Devices, Structure and Computing Systems

Volume 159

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.159

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Authors: Hang Qiu, Lei Ting Chen, Hong Bin Cai

Abstract: In this paper, a new method for 3D visualization of radar electromagnetic environment is presented. This method is based on derivation of...

Authors: Amit Prakash, Siddheswar Maikap, H.Y. Lee, G. Chen, F. Chen, Min Jing Tsai, M.J. Kao

Abstract: Resistive switching memory characteristics of high- TaOx film in a W/TaOx/W structure have been investigated and compared with Al/TaOx/W...

Authors: C.S. Ramesh, R. Keshavamurthy, D. Vineela, R. Archana

Abstract: This work focuses on the prediction of tribological behavior of cast Al6061-Si3N4 composites using ANN technique owing to its wide spread...

Authors: T.R. Lenka, A.K. Panda

Abstract: In this paper, there is an attempt to present the two dimensional electron gas (2DEG) transport characteristics of AlxGa1-xN/(AlN)/GaN-based...

Authors: Chun Mu Li, Ru Feng Wang

Abstract: Muay Thai in China fighting for a new project to develop momentum. Applying literature study, expert interviews, questionnaires,...

Authors: Jiang Hong Ren, Lu Han, Shi Yu Gao, Fang Zheng Xue

Abstract: In this paper we propose a prototype of mobile car license plate recognition system for helping user identify car information on smartphone....

Authors: Zhong Hai He, Guang Shuai Zhu

Abstract: Adding glucose in water will cause two influences on the aqueous solution: one is absorption coefficient addition of glucose; the other is...

Authors: Hua Xi Xiao, Qin Lu Lin, Yue Wu, Wei Tian, Wei Wu

Abstract: Rice, maize and potato starches were hydrolyzed by amylase to obtain porous starches as final product. The adsorptive capacity, desorbed...

Authors: Xun Zhang, Xin Qian Bian, Zhe Ping Yan

Abstract: To expand the working field of AUV, a kind of underwater docking technology of AUV with the dock is introduced which has an acoustic short...

Authors: Guang Tao Ge

Abstract: Define the course of getting mean envelope as an operation (mean envelope operation) in Empirical mode decomposition (EMD), so as to express...


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