Basic Properties of Woodceramics Made from Furane Resin/Bamboo Powder Composite


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A new woodceramics was developed by furane resin and bamboo powder. Microstructures and phase identification of woodceramics were performed by scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and X-ray diffraction(XRD). The effect of content of furane resin on carbon yield ratio,dimension shrinkage,apparent density,comprehensive strength and volume electrical resistivity of woodceramics were investigated. The results show that the woodceramics is a kind of carbon/carbon composite composed by bamboo charcoal and glassy carbon, content of furane resin has a significant effect on the microstructure of woodceramics, but has a slight effect on the crystallinity of woodceramics. The carbon yield ratio, apparent density and comprehensive strength increase, and the dimension shrinkage and volume electrical resistivity decrease as the content of furane resin increases.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 160-162)

Edited by:

Guojun Zhang and Jessica Xu




W. H. Zhou et al., "Basic Properties of Woodceramics Made from Furane Resin/Bamboo Powder Composite", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 160-162, pp. 1569-1574, 2011

Online since:

November 2010




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