A New Building Energy-Saving Material of XH Self-Insulation Block


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This based on the analysis of the structure characteristics and thermal properties etc of the new XH self-insulation block as results that the application of new material has a positive effect in construction of energy-saving. Through the calculation verified the thermal performance of XH self-insulation block the heat transfer coefficient of subject site wall. The results showed that its full compliance with existing norms and standards on the thermal performance of external wall insulation requirements, meet the requirements of energy conservation. Compared with the traditional material XH self-insulation block have an obvious advantage in thermal insulation property, service life, economy and so on. Finally, use its application in the ladder classroom of Southwest University of Science and Technology for a description of the project application.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 160-162)

Edited by:

Guojun Zhang and Jessica Xu




D. X. Wei and L. Ma, "A New Building Energy-Saving Material of XH Self-Insulation Block", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 160-162, pp. 267-272, 2011

Online since:

November 2010





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