Tests on Strength of Coped Beams with Web Stiffening


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In steel construction, when beams have to be connected to a girder at the same elevation, beam flanges must often be coped to provide enough clearance for practical joint formation. The presence of a cope in a beam will reduce the strength of the beam in the coped region. To improve the strength of coped beams, web reinforcements at the coped region were proposed in previous research studies. This paper reports the results of the first phase of the experimental program. A total of 8 tests were conducted. The test parameters include the length of longitudinal stiffeners, cope depth to beam depth ratio, cope length to beam depth ratio, and doubler plate. The test results show that the strength of the coped beam specimens was significantly increased when stiffeners were used in the cope. The increase in strength due to the presence of the longitudinal stiffeners could be as high as 96%. The longitudinal stiffeners were able to prevent local web buckling from occurring at the cope, however, the final failure mode of the beams was yielding of non-reduced section followed by rigid body movement of stiffener. The doubler plate was able to increase the strength of the beams; however, the final failure mode of the beams was still local web buckling.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 163-167)

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Lijuan Li




M. C. H. Yam et al., "Tests on Strength of Coped Beams with Web Stiffening", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 163-167, pp. 605-609, 2011

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December 2010




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