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Authors: Yan Ping Feng, Da Chang Zhu
Abstract:Many projects have the characteristic of large-scale, wide-rang, and at very important role in national economy. Nowadays engineering project...
Authors: Yao Ma, Hong Wei Lu, Yi Zhu Zhao
Abstract:In the uncertain environment, trust and risk are both key elements for making trust-based decisions. Risk is regarded as a supplement to...
Authors: Ling Xian Luo, Tai Zhi Zhang, Lv Bao Tong
Abstract:The objective of this study is to assess the potential applicability of an extracellular biopolymer (PA-2) produced by Pseudomonas...
Authors: Zeng Quan Ji, Tian Hai Wang, Kai Hong Luo, Yao Qing Wang
Abstract:An extracellular biopolymer (PFC02) produced by Pseudomonas alcaligenes was used as an alternative biosorbent to remove toxic Cd(II) metallic...
Authors: Hao Wang, Xin Ning Su, San Hong Deng
Abstract:Cross relation and its blending degree among academic resource would be revealed through association analysis of academic resource from...
Authors: Guo Dan Lu, Guan Wen Cheng, Hong Yuan Fu, Wen Yuan Wei
Abstract:Circular economy with low consumption, low emission, high efficiency rate of basic features, development of circular economy required to...
Authors: Zhi Han Liu, Hou Cong Zhu, Fang Chun Yang
Abstract:The paper introduces a novel real-time interactive LBS system, which can be applied to large-scale smart parks such as tourist resorts, Expos...
Authors: Cong Zhang, Fu Cheng You
Abstract:There is no doubt that the technique of trademark image retrieval based on multi-feature is increasingly popular. It’s proposed that a...
Authors: Xiao Cun Xiao, Gai Xia Fang, Er Li Zhao, Lv Bin Zhai, Jun Shuai Shi
Abstract:The objective of this study is to assess the environmentaly friendly Ni(II) adsorption from synthetic wastewater using Pseudomonas...
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