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Authors: Haider F. Abdul Amir, Fuei Pien Chee
Abstract:In this research, optoelectronic devices consisted of an infrared light emitting diode and a phototransistor with no special handling or...
Authors: Chea Chandara, Khairun Azizi Mohd Azizli, Zainal Arifin Ahmad, Syed Fuad Saiyid Hashim, Etsuo Sakai
Abstract:The purpose of this paper is to investigate the mineralogical components of palm oil fuel ash (POFA) with or without unburned carbon by using...
Authors: Wong Jen Kuen, Lim Kean Pah, Shaari Abdul Halim, Chen Soo Kien, Ng Siau Wei
Abstract:Polycrystalline perovskite manganites of Pr0.67Ba0.33MnO3 bulk ceramic samples were prepared via conventional solid-state reaction. The...
Authors: Ahmed Omran Alhareb, Zainal Arifin Ahmad
Abstract:The investigation of ceramic filler on the properties of denture base materials made from PMMA filled with Al2O3/ZrO2 was carried out. The...
Authors: Yusoff M.S. Meor, Muslimin Masliana, Paulus Wilfred
Abstract:Black aluminium dross produced from a local aluminium smelting plant was used in this study. Solvothermal method was used to produce...
Authors: Ahmad Zahirani Ahmad Azhar, Foo Tai Kong, Mohamad Hasmaliza, Manimaran Ratnam, Zainal Arifin Ahmad
Abstract:Vickers hardness of zirconia toughened alumina added MgO with different composition and particle size has been studied. Five different size...
Authors: Yusoff M.S. Meor, Muslimin Masliana, Paulus Wilfred, D. Parimala
Abstract:the paper relates a study in developing a quantitative elemental analysis for clay minerals by the EDXRF technique. Elements of interest are...
Authors: Ching Chin Guan, Sha Shiong Ng, Hassan Zainuriah, Abu Hassan Haslan
Abstract:Epitaxial growth of GaN has become an interest topic in term of light emitting device fabrication. Most of the commercial GaN based device is...
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