X-ray and Related Techniques

Volume 173

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.173

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Authors: Khairul Arifah Saharudin, Srimala Sreekantan

Abstract: In this paper, anodization of Ti foil was carried out in ethylene glycol (EG) containing 5 wt% NH4F solution and 0 to 1.5 wt% of water at 50...

Authors: Che Daud Zuraidawani, Shamsul Baharin Jamaludin, Md. Fazlul Bari

Abstract: This research was carried out to fabricate and characterize Co-Cr-Mo (F-75) alloy. The samples have been prepared via solid state sintering....

Authors: Mohd Subhi Nur Hawadah, Zuhailawati Hussain, Radzali Othman

Abstract: Composite materials with copper matrix and ceramic particle reinforcements provide basis for producing relatively high hardness and...

Authors: Mohd Salihin Hassin, Zuhailawati Hussain, Palaniandy Samayamutthirian

Abstract: In this research carbothermal reduction of mechanical activated hematite (Fe2O3), anatase (TiO2) and graphite (C) mixture was investigated....

Authors: Chin Swee Yee, Samuel Chan Hong Seng, Wan Zurina Samad, Dipsikha Panchanan Pramanik, Nik Idris Nik Yusoff, Jumat Salimon, Mohd Ambar Yarmo

Abstract: Oleic acid which is one of the palm oil derivatives is known to effectively stabilize dispersions of nanomagnetite in nonpolar solvent....

Authors: Wan Zurina Samad, Mohd Ambar Yarmo, Muhamad Mat Salleh

Abstract: A comparison study on deposition temperature between 40oC and 60oC using new route coating which is inkjet printing technique have been...

Authors: Noraini Hamzah, Aznira Alias, Wan Zurina Samad, Mohamad Bin Kassim, Mohd Ambar Yarmo

Abstract: Various ruthenium precursors (Ru= RuCl3, Ru2 = Ru(acac)3, Ru3 = Ru3(CO)12) supported on bentonite were prepared by conventional impregnation...

Authors: Nor Asikin Mohamad Nordin, Nadia Farhana Adnan, Aznira Alias, Wan Nor Roslam Wan Isahak, Jumat Salimon, Mohd Ambar Yarmo, Rose Aini Kamaruddin

Abstract: The syntheses of estolides via condensation reaction of oleic acid were investigated using heterogenous catalysts. In this study HClO4 is...

Authors: M.R. Othman, Che Martunus, W.J.N. Fernando

Abstract: Hydrotalcite (HT) like compounds were successfully synthesized from combustion method using aluminum and magnesium nitrates, and potassium...

Authors: Ruzainah Abdullah, Srimala Sreekantan, Mohamad Hasmaliza

Abstract: Alumina fiber products have high modulus and strength that are resistant toward the attacks of molten metals and non-oxide materials up to...


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