Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Ronnier Luo

Abstract: Active research has been carried out at Leeds over the years to achieve successful colour reproduction. The focus now is on the two extreme...

Authors: Quan Hui Tian, Zhen Liu

Abstract: Color management has been applied in the printing industry since 1993. Press papers as one of traditional substrates, its properties impact...

Authors: Li Rui Peng, Phil Green

Abstract: A psychophysical experiment on evaluating of Perceptual Rendering Intent in sRGB v2 and v4 profile as source profiles in ICC printing...

Authors: Mao Hai Lin, Yun Hui Luo, Shi Sheng Zhou

Abstract: As some images perhaps contain pixels whose individual colors will not be perceived if they are below the spatial threshold of human visual...

Authors: Xiao Xia Wan, Zhen Liu, Xin Guo Huang, Hong Yan Zhu, Chang Xiong Dai, Chao Xiao, Peng Sun

Abstract: The goal of the work proposed in this dissertation is to develop a new method for the chrominance measurement and predict the spectral...

Authors: Xiao Xia Wan, Zhen Liu, Qiang Liu

Abstract: we proposed a model for reflectance of a medium in ink layer. And the scattering coefficient is more complicated than the refractive index...

Authors: Cong Jun Cao, Qiang Jun Liu

Abstract: The conversions of color spaces are core techniques of modern ICC color management and the study of color space conversion algorithm between...

Authors: Guang Xue Chen, Hai Wen Wang, Jie Li

Abstract: The efficient reconstruction of spectral color information was the key research subject of color production technique based on spectrum. For...

Authors: Xiao Xia Wan, Xin Guo Huang, Zhen Liu

Abstract: Uncertainty evaluation of spectral color measurement is the best method of evaluation of color measurement result’s quality. Firstly type A...


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