Applications of 2D Barcode for Mobile Tagging


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2D barcode, which carries more data than a traditional UPC barcode becomes popular. Camera phones can be used to scan barcodes on consumer packaging and other printed media. The scanned images are decoded for specific information, such as a URL for certain product, a promotion code, the product identity, etc. The technology makes it possible to connect the static printed information to the interactive and updating information. This paper explores the integration of printed media and digital media via 2D barcode, and the applications of utilizing 2D barcode in marketing, counterfeiting, and exchanging information. 2D barcode technology can bridge the gap between printed media to dynamic information via digital devices. The mobile tagging technology will become a value-added feature for printed media, including consumer packaging and news media



Edited by:

OUYANG Yun, XU Min and YANG Li






P. Zhou and X. Y. Rong, "Applications of 2D Barcode for Mobile Tagging", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 174, pp. 171-174, 2011

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December 2010




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