Research on the Methods of the Testing on the Value of the Cylinder's Axial Bounce of the Press


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Printing cylinder driven by helical gear is the basic requirements of the modern printing press. Helical gear transmission necessarily produces component force in axial. It brings about a small displacement in axial to the cylinder, that is, axial bounce. The axial placement is too small or too large during the printing process, which both will have harmful effects on printed matter. At the same time, the axial playing of the cylinder is one of the important performance standards to determine printing press. The modern high-speed printing press has a higher requirement on mechanic properties and axial bounce. We tested on the cylinders of press and analyzed on the placement of the cylinders in order to effectively master and control the displacement in axial in the case of the printing press running with high-speed. We chose a four-color offset press as the test objects and reasonably selected measurement points on the cylinder shaft end face. We collected vibration signals of the blanket cylinders, impress cylinders and transfer cylinders. Then obtain the placement in axial of the cylinders with quadrature method. Analysis shows that the higher the printing speed, the larger the placement of the same type cylinder in axial is, which shows that the placement of the cylinders in axial has something to do with the printing speed. At the same speed, the blanket cylinder have a larger placement in axial than impress cylinder and transfer cylinder. Which shows that the placement of the cylinders in axial has connection to the cylinder assembly structure. Test data accord well with the actual structure and assembling condition, which can be considered as the theoretical basis to control the placement of cylinder in axial.



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OUYANG Yun, XU Min and YANG Li




S. Q. Wu et al., "Research on the Methods of the Testing on the Value of the Cylinder's Axial Bounce of the Press", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 174, pp. 273-276, 2011

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December 2010




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