Effect of Performance of Paper on Indentation Process


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To prove the indentation quality of packaging products, the indentation depth and the bottom die width were changed to study the effect of the indentation on the indentation quality and make sure the best indentation depth with HANATEK indentation tester for 20kinds of paper. The relationship between the performance of paper and the best indentation depth is analyzed by the method of linear regression. The result shows that the deeper the indentation depth is, the bigger the folding angle is. The folding angle of steel wire and paper fibers in parallel rows is bigger than that in vertical rows. The deflection and longitudinal tensile strength of paper have notable effect on the indentation depth, transverse tensile strength and tightness are poor and the folding endurance has no remarkable influence.Printing packing profession in our country has made significant progress with the rapid growth of economy and the rapid expansion of international trade. The postpress technology plays a key role to the quality of printing packing and the die cutting indentation is the important technique of production. The die cutting indentation makes the print artistic and suitable , it suits all kinds of print surface finishing process and is widely applied in book cover, trademark, label, as well as carton. So how the quality of the die cutting indentation has directly effect on the market image. However, the indentation processing basically depends on the experience of technical staff in the factory at present. To study the relationship between the performance of paper and the indentation condition can provide certain scientific basis for the choice of indentation process.



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OUYANG Yun, XU Min and YANG Li






L. Y. Gu et al., "Effect of Performance of Paper on Indentation Process", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 174, pp. 374-377, 2011

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December 2010




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