Preparation of Nano-Micropore Latex Particles


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Nano-micropore latex particles (multi-hole and hollow) were applied to all kinds of sorbent, heterogeneous catalysis, carrier or other field, because of its function of adsorption and carry. Because of its cavum inside the particles, nano-micropore latex particles take on virtue of low density and great effective area, and have special character of optical and substance transmission at the same time. So make its broad application in catalyst, solar materials, photons crystal, low dielectric constant materials, sound insulation materials, message record and so on. In this paper, hydrophilic AA was chosen as polymerization monomer, and core-cell P(St-BA-AA) system were synthesized by emulsion polymerization with P(St-BA) as seed. Nano-micropore latex particles were obtained by the stepwise acid/alkali method at high temperature. The configuration of nano-micropore inside the latex particles were observed by TEM. The effects of treatment time of alkali and acid on hole forming were discussed.



Edited by:

OUYANG Yun, XU Min and YANG Li






Q. L. Zhang et al., "Preparation of Nano-Micropore Latex Particles", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 174, pp. 417-420, 2011

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December 2010




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