Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Qiang Chu

Abstract: Water-based UV-curable prepolymers are novel environmentally friendly materials. The blending property of two kinds of the prepolymers,...

Authors: Yu Wang, Xian Fu Wei, Xiao Juan Du

Abstract: With the development and advancement, digital printing has become a leading technology. Liquid electronic ink is a kind of charged liquid...

Authors: Wen Cai Xu, Yin Yang, Jia Yue Sun

Abstract: The ultraviolet (UV) fluorescent anti-counterfeiting offset printing ink, which can emit visible light (400-800 nm) under the excitation of...

Authors: Ping Xiu Ni, Xian Fu Wei, Pei Qing Huang, Wei Wei

Abstract: In order to make different UV curing inkjet ink system and test the relationship between the dynamic elastic modulus and UV curing time, the...

Authors: Rui Xin Xu, Guang Xue Chen

Abstract: The anion UV-curing water soluble prepolymer was synthesized with toluene diisocyanate, dihydroxy compound, dihydroxyalkyl carboxylic acid...

Authors: Bao Lin Tang, Guang Xue Chen, Qi Feng Chen, Jing Lei Tai

Abstract: Printing electronics technology promotes the application of conductive ink. In this paper, the manufacture of nano-sliver conductive ink is...

Authors: Xiao Fang Wang, Xian Fu Wei, Pei Qing Huang

Abstract: Adherence is very important for performance of water-base UV varnish and has directly effect on the quality of the coating and the following...

Authors: Na Wang, Xian Fu Wei, Xiao Xue Jia, Ping Xiu Ning, Ling Ya Gu

Abstract: The rheology behavior of the offset ink has strong contact with its printability. Tack reducer and varnish are often used to adjust the tack...

Authors: Qun Li Zhang, Chun Wei Li, Chun Sheng Chen, Gui Ying Wang

Abstract: Nano-micropore latex particles (multi-hole and hollow) were applied to all kinds of sorbent, heterogeneous catalysis, carrier or other...

Authors: Xiao Xu Ma, Xian Fu Wei, Pei Qing Huang, Xiao Xue Jia

Abstract: By means of simplex-centroid experimental design, three prepolymers EB3700,6358H and 6353-1 were used to define the proportion of composite...


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