Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Xue Jia, Pei Qing Huang, Xian Fu Wei, Lei Yang

Abstract: Waterless offset doesn't use dampening solution, so it has the advantage of color saturation that the water offset can not reach. Monomer is...

Authors: Li Juan Liang, Pei Qing Huang, Xian Fu Wei, Xu Jie Wu

Abstract: Fluorescent inkjet ink was composed of solvent, resin, phosphor, assistant agent etc, solvent and resin were the main components in the...

Authors: Wan Zhang, Xian Fu Wei, Pei Qing Huang, Chao Lu

Abstract: UV screen printing Photochromic ink mainly includes pre-polymer, monomer, Photochromic materials, Photoinitiator, etc, and the curing...

Authors: Jie Meng, Cheng Sun, Jian Qing Wang, Wen Shun Sun, Xiao Xiu Hao, Xin Ni Mu

Abstract: Fluorescence falsification-resistant ink is one of the most widely used ink in packaging and printing industry. In this paper, europium...

Authors: De Ping Zhao, Xian Fu Wei, Pei Qing Huang

Abstract: The glossiness is an important indicator of evaluation polishing printed matter. The water-soluble varnish consisting of different content...

Authors: Hai Hua Zhou, Yan Lin Song

Abstract: Laser phototypesetting and computer to plate (CTP) technologies are widely used in print industry. These technologies are based on the...

Authors: Ya Na Li, Kyong Ho Cha, Qing Hui He

Abstract: Nanocomposite films of ZnO/HDPE were prepared via melt blending and hot compression molding process. The morphology, DSC, mechanical and...

Authors: Xing Hai Liu, Yan Wang, Hou Bin Li, Chi Huang, Song Zhou Chen

Abstract: The low-dimensional VO2 (B) namomaterials were prepared by solvothermal or hydrothermal method. And then the powders were calcined in 623K...

Authors: Zheng Wei Jin, Jian Qing Wang, Shuo Wang, Mei Xu

Abstract: By using hardwood pulp as natural cellulose resource, nano-TiO2/Ag+ and meso-SiO2/Ag+ as inorganic antibacterial agents, the cellulose/Ag+...

Authors: Jin Yan, Guang Xue Chen, Shuang Shuang Wen, Xiao Meng Cui, Zhen Cai Qu

Abstract: In this paper, allyl maleated rosin ester was synthesized by the esterification of maleic rosin and allyl alcohol with catalyst. And then a...


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