Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tang Wei Wang, Song Ya Zhang, Zhong Xiao Li, Jia Ling Pu

Abstract: A reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) agent, 2- (dodecylthiocarbonothioylthio)propanoic acid (RAFT-1), was synthesized...

Authors: Wei Dong Yang, Xi Hong Li, Li Li

Abstract: The effect of capsaicin/gelatin/acacia/NaCMC crosslinked mixture coated outside polyethylene (PE) films on rodent repellent was studied. The...

Authors: Zhuang Liu, Zhi Hui Sun, Xin Xin Ma, Jing Lin

Abstract: Silicon oxide (SiOx) were deposited on many substrates such as silicon, glass, and poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) and widely used in...

Authors: Wen Cai Xu, Dong Li Li, Ya Bo Fu, Hua Wei

Abstract: A kind of intelligent release fresh-keeping composite packaging films with its preparation methods and experimental results were introduced....

Authors: Gai Mei Zhang, Qiang Chen, Cun Fu He, Hui Qin Zhu, Yu Ling Li

Abstract: The nano-thickness SiOx deposited on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film and biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) were fabricated by...

Authors: Xian Mei Zhu, Gang Hu Cheng, Hong Zhao Liu

Abstract: With the continuous development of printing technology and printing equipments, the quality of newsprint should be improved to meet with all...

Authors: You Xing Cai, Zhang Ping Wang, Yu Jie Jin

Abstract: The mechanical properties of polypropylene (PP) could be strengthened after PP was filled with nano- Al2O3. Tests of mechanical properties...

Authors: Xu Wei Hu, Lu Hai Li, Sheng Min Zhao, Peng Du, Wen Zhao, Xian Leng, Zhan Kun Zhang

Abstract: Water-based polyurethane forms continuous and dense film after fully drying. Ink is lowly absorbed by PU film, affecting drying rate and...

Authors: Shan Shan Gao, Jian Qing Wang, Zheng Wei Jin

Abstract: The cellulose packaging film was prepared by natural broad-leaved pulp and LiCl/DMAc through adjusting coagulation bath conditions. In this...

Authors: Da Peng Zhu, Shi Sheng Zhou, Zhi Kun Zhang

Abstract: The realization of the potential of honeycomb paperboard as an important cushion material in packaging has inspired a close scrutiny of its...


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