Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mao Hai Lin, Shi Sheng Zhou, Yun Hui Luo

Abstract: The image-to-device gamut mapping algorithm which takes into account the actual image gamut is able to avoid compressing the image gamut...

Authors: Yuan Lin Zheng, Shi Sheng Zhou, Lin Lin Zhang, Yong Hong Qi

Abstract: Color difference used to test the quality of printing products is one of the most important factors in the printing industry. Many new color...

Authors: Jing Liang, Ning Fang Liao, Yu Sheng Lian, Si Ran Meng

Abstract: This paper uses method of the BFD-CP small color-difference data to construct the color discrimination ellipses and Munsell renovation data....

Authors: Duo Yi Pang, Ye Chi Pang, Zhi Jie Li, Ting Liang Chu

Abstract: This paper aims at using complex frequency spectrum (CFS) algorithm to simulate human vision system. Considering that, any frequency...

Authors: Ru Bai Luo, Shi Sheng Zhou, Nan Jiang, Qiu Juan Yang

Abstract: In the paper, the spot-color was divided into ten color areas based on the theory of Munsell color system, then, the model samples in IGT...

Authors: Lin Lin Meng, Jing Lian Zhang, Hao Xue Liu

Abstract: Soft proofing technology is the development of new technologies in recent years, application is becoming more widely. As the use of display...

Authors: Wei Guo Bai, Xing Yue Hu, Yan Yan

Abstract: The admixture of Spot-color ink is generally determined by experience to make sure the type of primary color and the use of each ink, and...

Authors: Jing Ya Xu, Hao Xue Liu, Min Huang

Abstract: The display colorimetric accuracy is a key factor to ensure printing quality. The main mission for display’s color management is to compute...

Authors: Yuh Chang Wei, Wen Min Chou, Chih Lang Chen

Abstract: The purpose of the study intended to examine the performance of color rendering based on a computerized spectrum color matching (CSCM)...

Authors: Chao Li, Cai Yin Wang

Abstract: Color rendering feature of certain device or process can be described more specifically if the color gamut can be described quantitively...


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