Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Hui Feng, Quan Xiang Liu

Abstract: Special printing material and special techniques are used for the purpose of fighting against the piracy of the presswork. But these methods...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Yang Jin, Zhen Liu

Abstract: A High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) processing method is described, which multiple images of identical scene but with different exposure...

Authors: San Guo Liu, Yang Jin, Xiu Feng Ma, Hong Jie Zhai, Zhi Gao

Abstract: To study the mechanism and functions of USM (Unsharp Masking) sharpening and to investigate its influence on image frequency component, 12...

Authors: Zhen Liu, Le Yi Ren

Abstract: Grating material can have security effects in print for its specific optical properties. In this paper, the technology of copyright...

Authors: Xin Ying Hu, Xiu Ping Zhao

Abstract: Digital watermarking has been proposed as a way to claim the ownership of the source and owner of the digital image data. In this paper, A...

Authors: Yung Cheng Hsieh, Hung Sheng Lin

Abstract: “Web-to-Print” has become a new trend of printing industry all over the world recently. It combines the advantages of internet with printing...

Authors: Qin Wen Wang

Abstract: Under the promoting of digital information process and computer controlling system, modern printing industry comes to a digital workflow...

Authors: Guo Dong Liu, Mei Yun Zhang, Qiao Ping Liang, Hong Ping Zhang

Abstract: Aiming at the complicated design process and expensive design software of packaging carton, the completely parametric design system of...

Authors: Ru Bai Luo, Yan Lei Li, Shi Sheng Zhou

Abstract: Based on the study of definition of printing production intent with JDF, and the completed study of printing process planning modeling based...

Authors: Wei Chen, You Ming Li

Abstract: The exposure quality was influenced by focal length, zoom, irradiating power and cylinder speed of laser head in computer-to-plate (CTP)...


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