Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pu Jun Deng, Gai Mei Zhang, Yu Wang, Wei Fang

Abstract: Gravure printing is widely applied in packaging printing and the ink transfer is very important for printing quality. Ink transfer affects...

Authors: Xiao Meng Cui, Guang Xue Chen

Abstract: Following with the development and cooperation between digital printing techniques and digital distribution in publishing industry, more and...

Authors: Gui Ping Jiang, Yan Fang Xu, Ge Guo, Li Li Liu

Abstract: A method for evaluating the line sharpness in digital printings is established. First of all, a test diagram, with some lines spaced with...

Authors: Zhen Cai Qu, Guang Xue Chen, Bao Lin Tang, Shuang Shuang Wen

Abstract: Four kinds of ink-jet papers with different surface characteristics are chosen in this paper, by the ink-jet proofing experiments, the...

Authors: Lin Zhang, Mei Yun Zhang, Jun Ping Yang

Abstract: The effects of seven key technological properties(ink viscosity, anilox screen, type of doctor blade, plate shore hardness, plate relief...

Authors: Yan Fang Xu, Gui Ping Jiang, Li Li Wang, Hao Xue Liu

Abstract: Color output capability and output accuracy of digital printing machine used for simulating the offset printing were analyzed. A digital...

Authors: Vadim Sevryugin, Yuri Andreev

Abstract: International Standard ISO 12218 applies to the process control of offset platemaking for the conventional technology. Based on the...

Authors: Jun Wang, Tie Feng Zhang, Xiang Yi Guan

Abstract: A fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of printing quality was established by using the method of fuzzy evaluation and analytical hierarchy...

Authors: Wen Yan Jiang, Xiao Dong Li

Abstract: The influences of screen ruling on printing quality in lithographic printing process based on CTP workflow were investigated by experimental...

Authors: Ming Zheng Zhu, Zhe Chen, Hao Xue Liu

Abstract: The data of CMY ink’s gray balance are got to define the replacement relationship between CMY and K ink by experiment with the digital...


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