Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Yan Jiang, Zhi Hong Wang

Abstract: By experimental method, the optimum parameters for offset ink were investigated under standard printing conditions. Firstly, the...

Authors: Zhi Jie Li, Ye Chi Pang, Ting Liang Chu

Abstract: This paper proposes an ceaseless compensation method for dot gain based on output characters in printing process, solving the problem of...

Authors: Chuan Xiang Zhang, Xiao Dong Li, Dong Bai Zhao

Abstract: The application status and existing problems of liquid wallpaper paint screen printing in wall decoration were analyzed, and through the...

Authors: Bo Gao, Xiao Gui Zhang, Yu Wang

Abstract: Image detection of folding dislocation deviations is explored in order to provide an application base for real-time monitoring of folding...

Authors: Shu Qin Wu, Yi Ming Wang, Ji Fei Cai, Shao Hua Zhang

Abstract: Printing cylinder driven by helical gear is the basic requirements of the modern printing press. Helical gear transmission necessarily...

Authors: Ying Cai Yuan, Yi Lun Liu, Yan Li

Abstract: With the increasing of printing machine’s working speed, the minor changes of design variables will decrease mechanical precision and...

Authors: Han Lin Yang, Tie Feng Zhang, Yan Xi Li, Jun Wang, Zhi Hui Sun

Abstract: In view of the deficiency of the traditional viscometer in the tunable gear position, the measuring accuracy and measuring range, designs a...

Authors: Li’e Ma, Yu Peng Hou, Yun Chun Chen, Ji Mei Wu

Abstract: The vibration cutting is better than the ordinary cutting because the slight division effect, which is created in the vibratory cutting...

Authors: Yi Ming Wang, Bang She Chen, Yan Li, Shao Hua Zhang

Abstract: Printing machinery’s reliability is one of the most important index parameter and good dynamic characteristics are essential for high speed...

Authors: Tie Feng Zhang, Bo Zhao, Guo Tao Lu, Jun Wang, Zhi Hui Sun

Abstract: In present market, there is no automatic detected device for register in medium and small single-sheet offset, and the registration...


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