Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Yan Zhang, He Ping Hou, Jun Feng Si, Xiao Yu Chen

Abstract: In the contact area of offset, a relative slide occurs between the surface of plate cylinder and blanket cylinder, which changes the print...

Authors: Xiang Dong Shi, Shao Hua Shen, Cheng Wen Chai

Abstract: The formation of parallel indexing cam profile was described in detail with the calculation of the cam profile data. With VB as the software...

Authors: Ling Hui Ren, Kai Liu, Hai Yan Zhang, He Ping Hou

Abstract: JDF is the XML-based format for the job descripting and exchanging. Through the Parse of JDF document’s grammar and data structure, we have...

Authors: Ji Fei Cai, Yuan Huang, Xin Zhu Wang

Abstract: To improve the stability of a Paper-Transferring Mechanism (PTM), a profound understanding must be made on its vibration characteristics, on...

Authors: Cheng Wen Chai, Yuan Xu Chen, Yi Ming Wang

Abstract: A coordinated control method of manipulator driven by multiple pneumatic cylinders was proposed herein. Based on the characteristics of the...

Authors: Ji Bin Zhao, Xiu Li Li

Abstract: A new testing form was designed, in which the screens having gray scales and some solid blocks were included. The screens consist of gray...

Authors: Lin Lin Liu, Zai Rong Feng, Chang Xing Wang

Abstract: This paper concerns printing cylinders of offset press. In addition to research mechanism of the printing pressure, the paper employs finite...

Authors: Yun Zhi Chen, Ting Zhu, Shu Sun

Abstract: Compared with conventional surface sizing agents, polymers surface size agents are good film and printing quality. In this work, different...

Authors: Na Su, Ivan Chen, Hou Bin Li, Xing Hai Liu, Xin Xin Zhu

Abstract: Novel cationic spherical polyelectrolyte brushes (CSPBs) were prepared by photoemulsion polymerization. Dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride...

Authors: Shu Yan Zhao, Phil Green

Abstract: Fluorescent whitening agents are widely used to increase the brightness and whiteness of printing paper. The fluorescence of these whitening...


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