Printing and Packaging Study

Volume 174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Qing Fang, Jing Bo Hu, Ying Zhang, Rui En Yu, Min Zhang

Abstract: Waste paper recycling refers to a process of regeneration-ink and other impurities being removed from waste materials and pulp fibers being...

Authors: Quan Hui Tian, Robert Chung

Abstract: Almost all papers contain optical brightening agents (OBA) in process color printing. The colorimetric value shifts toward larger negative...

Authors: Ying Li, Bei Hai He

Abstract: Cutting is a relative accurate method in the literatures about ink penetration measurement at present. But cutting may bring some damages to...

Authors: Xiao Lin Zhang, Ru Min Wang

Abstract: In the offset process, ink penetration performance has extremely important influence on the quality of printed products. Ink penetration...

Authors: Peng Du, Lu Hai Li, Wen Zhao, Xian Leng, Xu Wei Hu

Abstract: In order to evaluate the practical application effect of the self-made water-based coated paper inkjet ink and to study the influence...

Authors: Song Lin Wang, Xiao Ming Song

Abstract: The feasibility and technological conditions of the preparation of flame retardant paper based on fiber using co-precipitation synthesis of...

Authors: L.G. Varepo, A.V. Golunov

Abstract: Quality standards of polygraphic production are raising at the market. Hereupon a role of the surface of paper quality becomes more...

Authors: Lin Zhang, Mei Yun Zhang, Jun Ping Yang

Abstract: Paper printability is an essential property affecting printing technology and quality. In this research, a predictive model for paper...

Authors: Ling Ya Gu, Jiang Hao Liu, Pei Qing Huang, Ni Yang

Abstract: To prove the indentation quality of packaging products, the indentation depth and the bottom die width were changed to study the effect of...

Authors: Chun Jiang Jia, Guang Xue Chen, Xiao Zhou Li

Abstract: At present, we are taking more and more attention on environment protecting, food and medicine safety, and more researching and applying on...


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