3D Simulation of Re-Weft Jacquard Silk Fabric Based on Geometrical Model and Texture Mapping


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The paper proposes a new method to implement 3D simulation for silk fabrics with complicated structure (such as Re-weft texture) based on geometrical model and texture mapping. At First, fitting polynomial curve is used to simulate bending form of the yarn, three-dimensional model of the yarn is generated through the matrix calculation, and computer model of re-weft jacquard silk fabric is put forward by stratification of weft yarn in fabric. Three-dimensional geometric model of re-weft jacquard silk fabric is built based on fabric structure of the Peirce mode and virtual reality modeling language (VRML), light intensity function and illumination model of re-weft fabric are established with Open GL tools hereafter. Also, yarn (in particular deformating filament, colored yarn) images extracted out of actual yarn photographs (in the yarn library), which is scanned by scanners, is applied to yarn models through texture mapping to improve the sense of reality for re-weft jacquard silk fabric.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 175-176)

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Lun Bai and Guo-Qiang Chen




B. J. Luo, "3D Simulation of Re-Weft Jacquard Silk Fabric Based on Geometrical Model and Texture Mapping", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 175-176, pp. 485-489, 2011

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January 2011





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