Testing and Evaluation of Inorganic Materials I

Volume 177

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.177

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Authors: Xin Gang Li, Zhen Qing Wang, Ze Yong Chen, Li Min Zhou, Kang Yang

Abstract: This is an experiment of the damage examination of plate material with the application of elastic waves. By use of two ultrasonic probe...

Authors: Yi Liu

Abstract: From human bones to animal bones, from stainless steel to plastic, researchers have tried numerous types of materials to apply in the bone...

Authors: Zhi Qin Chen, Wei Jun Zeng, Wen Kui Li, Ze Hua Zhou, Hong Ying Yu

Abstract: The synthesis of nanocrystalline pure anatase at low temperature and short time is not an easy achievement, as the synthetic processes...

Authors: Wan Chang Sun, He Jun Li, Qian Gang Fu, Shou Yang Zhang

Abstract: CLVI has the fastest efficient of densification in the preparation of high temperature composites, compared with traditional isothermal CVI...

Authors: Wen He, Yun Long Ai, Chang Hong Liu, Jian Ping Zhang, Jia Yuan Ding

Abstract: Al2O3-ZrO2(n) composite ceramics were prepared by microwave sintering. The properties and microstructure were investigated, including...

Authors: Yu Hong Chen, Liang Jiang, Xue Hong Jia

Abstract: Silicon carbide( SiC) – titanium diboride (TiB2) composite was prepared with boron (B) and carbon (C) as sintering additive via pressureless...

Authors: Zhi Wei Chen, Liu Feng, Jin Ye Niu

Abstract: Fully densitified 3Y-TZP (>98% of theoretical density) ceramic tools have been prepared by gelcasting and sintered with conventional...

Authors: Miao Liu, Zong De Liu

Abstract: TiC/Ni cermet cladding layer on the surface of 16Mn steel was fabricated with plasma cladding process. Different additions of Mo were 0%,...

Authors: Hai Feng, Zhi Jian Peng, Zhi Qiang Fu, Wen Yue, Xiang Yu, Cheng Biao Wang, Long Hao Qi, He Zhuo Miao

Abstract: The electrical properties of ZnO-Pr6O11-based varistors, which composed of (98.5-x)mol% ZnO +0.5mol% Pr6O11 +1.0mol% Co3O4 +xmol% Cr2O3...

Authors: Xue Gang Huang, Long Zhang, Zhong Min Zhao, Chuan Zeng Pan, Guan Ling Su

Abstract: Large bulk solidified TiC-TiB2 eutectic composite ceramics were prepared by combustion synthesis under high gravity, and the WO3 was...


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